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Why Choose Portland Sheep?

So why should you choose Portland Sheep for your flock, a breed steeped in history which is as popular today with smallholders?


Its almost unique ability to breed all year around has been passed to other Dorset breeds and is a useful trait to have within your flock should you choose.

Its soft fleece is a delight to spin and is very sought after by hand-spinners and crafters.

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They convert low quality grasses into high quality meat, slowly developing into Hogget with a hint of a gamey flavour reminiscent of it past. Just remember you do need some vegetation, they do not live on mud!

Ideal for conservation grazing, and if you have a large lawn and hate your mower what better than a trio of Portlands?  They do need year round maintenance though and require more attention than your mower!

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Owing to their small size and ability to convert low quality grasses, Portlands are able to be kept at a higher density-per-acre than many other sheep.

In the show ring Portland sheep  are calm, easy to handle and have a stand out personality, ideal for all who show be it a novice, young handler or experienced show person.

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harcourt aries 2.jpg

And above all, the gorgeous look, and a great personality , just the perfect little sheep. It may not behave for your dog, but have bucket of sheep nuts and you will have a friend. And who cannot appreciate the classic look of this handsome animal; when the Creator developed the stars and decided the lead sign of the Zodiac was Aries the Ram, who do you think they had in mind?

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