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We have many breeders of Portland sheep all over the UK, most of these breeders have sheep for sale from time to time or year round. If you wish to buy sheep we currently do not have and specific adverts. Please use the 'contact-us' page and we will direct your enquiry to the regional representative to provide details of breeders in your area who may have stock available.

To advertise on this page, please send any information and photos via our contacts page.

Adverts will be kept on the page for two months, they will be removed after then unless the seller makes prior contact. We ask sellers to contact Shaun once the animals advertised have sold in order to keep this page up to date.


Partridge Flock

Edenbridge, Kent.

Shearling Ewes for Sale, Two Shearling Rams for Sale , One 2-yr old Ram for Sale



Penny Gibson

Portland Rams For Sale

Highcroft Flock


Shearling Ram UK242464/00162. DoB 26.02.2019.

Sire: Parkside Halifax. P15514. UK0140854/00096 

Dam: Highcroft Struay. P12616.  UK242464/00051


Shearling Ram UK242464/00177. DoB 27.03.2019.

Sire: Highcroft Uist II. P14977. UK242464/00125

Dam: Highcroft Flodda P13672. UK242464/00071


Both rams are being registered. For further details,

please contact Stephen Tricks

North Cornwall

Duckpool Flock

Ewes from 2018 - 2019

Rams from 2018 - 2019 (proven)

All lovely natured with good features. All bucket trained and on the Heptavac system.



Kelly Richards

Mobile: 07884264914


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