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Sheep for Sale

We have many breeders of Portland sheep all over the UK. Most of these breeders have sheep for sale from time to time or year round. If you wish to buy sheep, please contact the breeders listed below or use the 'contact-us' page and we will direct your enquiry to the regional representative to provide details of breeders in your area who may have stock available.

To advertise on this page, please send any information and photos via our contacts page.


Partridge Flock

Edenbridge, Kent.

Shearling Rams for Sale



Penny Gibson


Arimathea Flock

Two Starter Flocks

Flock One

Ram, Abraram 12/6/19 Arimathea Flock 

Companion Wether 13/4/19 Arimathea Flock


Endeavour 17/4/17 Lewesdon Hill Flock

Jade 22/3/18 Seaton Flock

Portia 20/3/19 Arimathea Flock (Abraram not her sire)


Flock Two

Ram, Camelot 22/4/22 Arimathea Flock

Companion Wether born in 2022 Arimathea Flock


Evanthe 6/4/17 Lewesdon Hill Flock

Imelda 4/4/17 Seaton Flock

Rebecca 23/4/19 Arimathea Flock (not related to Camelot)



For more details contact:       Joe Joseph 07769 144968

                                                   Rachel Joseph 07795 524448





Kingston Lacy Flock - National Trust

Three proven rams for sale

Kingston Lacy Attenborough

Kingston Lacy Arthur

Kingston Lacy Armitage


For more details contact:  Rob Groves, Farm Manager    

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Two pedigree shearling rams from April 2022 available to purchase or alternatively would consider swap arrangement for an un-related ram and wether. Birth notified. Pedigree origins from Highcroft & Partridge flocks.

Ned Hunt - 07747 182810 or email:

Herts/ Bucks Border

Portland Rams and Ewes

Highcroft Flock


We have shearling rams and ewes for sale each summer /autumn. For further details, please contact

Stephen Tricks

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