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Showing Fleece

Portland fleeces are great for showing, standing out from other breeds.

Keep your fields as clear of brambles and the like as you can, and when shearing keep away from straw and hay. This will help when you prepare the fleece and removing any vegetable matter. Skirt the fleece, that is take of the dirty edges and any dags (poo) which are attached. 


Next take a staple of wool and give it a good tug, if it breaks the fleece is ‘tender’ and of no use.  Breaks in a fleece can occur for many reasons; illness, pregnancy and stress being some of them.


When you have a nice clean fleece lay it cut side down, fold the sides into the middle then from the back end roll it towards the neck, tuck in the loose end to secure. Pop it into an old pillow case or paper feed bag, do not use plastic or it will sweat.


Then you are ready to show, check with the show secretary which class they would like it in, but normally it will be short or fine wool class.



Wool on the hoof

If you are showing on the hoof do not fuss too much, Portland’s are shown in a natural state, not pampered or pimped. Remove vegetable matter and localised washing to remove any dirt is fine, but do not card or comb the fleece


Trimming of tail wool is acceptable in accordance with good animal husbandry. 


Animals entered in wool on the hoof classes should preferably be 'wearing' their full fleece - if animals have been sheared a short period prior to entry in these classes - the rolled fleece should be available for presentation to the judge as required. 

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