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Portland Hogget and Mutton brings the ‘best of nature’ to your table. A delicate, leaner meat with the hint of gaminess alluding to the early ancestry of sheep.





Consumers who today are choosing natural and healthy products also want to understand the soul of their food and how it helps look after the environment around them. Portland contributes to that healthy yet balanced lifestyle from a rare, yet by using the product, sustainable food. Utilising this delicious food adds to our quality of life, making it a happier longer experience with the ecosystems which the sheep maintain being kept in balance for all to flourish.


If you have read our brief history on Portlands you will have seen our breed is one of the oldest UK inhabitants. Little has changed since those early sheep and we believe that what was required in history matches today’s society, high quality meat on a small lean carcase with fine texture and a delicacy yet depth of flavour; eating less but eating quality.


Portlands are slow to mature, they grow best on the natural grasses and herbs in the field and so are best served as Hogget (above 12 months old) or Mutton (24 months plus). This allows the flavours to develop and pick up that slightly gamy flavour Portland meat is well known for; be it in your humble breakfast sausage or your fine dining celebration the Portland will add value to your meal.


Owing to the Rare standing of the breed you will have full traceability of your product, and by using the meat you are promoting the breed to ensure its future and hopefully removing it from the ‘Rare Breed’s tag to a ‘Native Sheep’


The carcass grades very well and the meat is known in high quality establishments and wins many prizes, indeed it is understood to be a favourite food of George III. What better company do you need?


If you are a consumer looking to serve high quality product, please do not hesitate to use our contact page and the Portland Sheep Breeders Group will put you in direct contact with appropriate breeders in your area.

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